Controls Training For Electricians

Build on your knowledge, add controls to your skills, offer more services to your customers or employers, benefit from more interesting, varied work that pays more and offers greater financial security.

A new approach-Learn only what you need

If you're anything like me, I love learning but I don't like learning the stuff I'm not going to use, how many times have you said "I've never used that what I learnt at college", chances are you will never use that knowledge, colleges fluff the courses out to suit term times or to justify the outrageous costs.

Rob Bonam

Course Tutor

Flexible learning

No stuffy lectures or attending college or uni, Learn where you want and when you want, the material is available on desktop and we've included an app to use on your smart phone or tablet.

We don't expect you to sit and watch a few videos and presentations, you can do that on Youtube to an extent, learning is a 2 way affair, how we differ is that we actively encourage you to join the Q&A sessions, use video, email or text support. we also have a members page on Facebook where you can ask what you wish and enjoy being a member of a community of like minded people.

If you have a controls challenge, we'd love to hear about it so everyone can benefit from it and we can all develop a solution together

As a controls engineer, you can expect:

✔ More Interesting and varied work

✔Greater respect

✔ Job security

✔Higher paid work

✔Potential to work from home

There's hundreds of thousands of electricians in this country, stand out from the competition by adding extra skills to what you can offer, by offering more you can command more whilst limiting the competition. Much of a control panel is the design, this can easily performed at home or in the office giving way to a flexible working lifestyle. This has got to be better than crawling through lofts or working 10m up in the air dragging large SWA cables about!

Controls knowledge can be applied to:

✔ Smart homes/buildings

✔ BMS systems

✔ Industrial control
✔ Lighting controls
✔ Heating

✔ Small and large scale bespoke projects

✔ The list is endless....

I've worked on a diverse range of projects over the years, some examples being control systems for hydraulic press's, strawberry farm and bowls green irrigation systems, filter cleaning systems for LEV's, industrial ovens, autoclaves, micro breweries, smart homes, building management systems, that's the beauty of working in controls, there's so much variety, so many new challenges.